How it works

 Welcome to IDTEXPO.com  

Through our 24 / 7, 365 day-a-year, multi-platform connection hub, we are dedicated to connecting key stakeholders in the Energy Sector.  We combine face-to-face experience of a conventional conference with an industry-focused web platform that allows companies to seamlessly communicate to the marketplace the capabilities of their technologies around the world and around the clock.

Our web platform, quarterly, and annual events will provide you with several opportunities to connect, network and work together to advance technology in industry.

Through Connections you find the opportunity to connect with operators, innovators and investors.  Through these connections, technology companies, seasoned business professionals and industry leaders provide insights, experience, and if needed, investment capital and funding.

Through Groups explore the opportunity to create a Users Group or connect to a group that facilitates conversations at a more intimate level.  These conversations are focused on specific niches and cultivate collaboration in place of competition in order to drive industry forward.

Companies is a portal for you to create your company and invite others to join you.  Conversation can happen through companies both within and without IDTEXPO.com.  In additional to creating your company, you join other companies.  This networking enables collaboration within IDT EXPO and carries out into industry.

Through these connection network options, our goal is to assist you in creating a community of problem solvers that encourages, supports, and fosters innovation and creativity within the oil and gas industry.

At our core, we help people with technology and the businesses they operate.  We are committed to bringing people and businesses together, with technology as the focal point.  Oil & gas operators need “vetted” technologies that work as designed, promised and promoted.  Technology innovators need to quickly get their products to market and into the right hands. And finally, Investors need to know the best places to put their money and maximize their returns on investment.


Join the conversation.  Join the Community.