Your participation in IDTEXPO.com is what makes it work.  We have created a platform for you to join a community of problem solvers, where operators can connect with technology innovators who can connect with investors. 

In addition to our 24 / 7, 365 day-a-year, multi-platform connection hub, we also provide you with opportunities to connect in person at our quarterly lunch events and our Annual IDT EXPO.  Our events will provide a place where developing technology companies will be seen, not lost and you will have opportunities to network in an environment that allows you to seamlessly communicate to the marketplace the capabilities of your technology.

q) How do I get connected?

a) Through our portals of Connections, Companies, and Groups, you will see opportunities to join, create and connect.

q) Can I invite my coworkers?

a) Yes, by simply using the "Send an Invite" tab, you can send an invitation directly to a co-worker, friend, or anyone who you want to benefit from participation in our platform.  The key to the success of our platform is involvement.

q) Do I need to use a specific browser to use your platform?

a) The beauty of our platform is that we have created it to be adaptable in all sorts of browsers and technology.  It works in IE, Chrome, Safari and on hand-held devices.

q) Do you have an app?

a) We are in the process of developing our IDT EXPO app.  As soon as it is developed, we will announce it and get the word out to you.  Then you can spread the word as we continue to grow our network.

q) What are the details of your quarterly lunch events?

a) Our quarterly events occur in April, September and December.  Once we have them calendared on our end, we communicate through strategic e-mail communication all the details which will include date, time, location and presentation information.

q) What about your Annual IDT EXPO?

a) Our Annual IDT EXPO will be hosted in June/July of each year.  Promotion of our big event will begin early each year as we begin to secure our Exhibitors and Sponsors as well as our guest speakers.  our 2018 Annual IDT EXPO event is scheduled for Thursday, June 28, 2018 with our annual golf event on Friday, June 29, 2018.  All the details can be found under our EXPO / Upcoming Events Tabs.

q) Does it cost anything to attend your events?

a) Our philosophy has always been to not charge for attendance at our events.  These are opportunities for you to come and network and develop relationships.

q) How do you pay for Quarterly and Annual events?

a) All costs are covered by the participation and support of our Exhibitors and Sponsors.  

q) How can I or my company participate as an Exhibitor or a Sponsor?

a) We have created packages that are available for companies interested in exhibiting or sponsoring our events.  For all of the details on our packages, click on "Packages" to view our brochure.  We have 4 levels available and each level has benefits associated with it.  We also provide you with "ala carte" options that can be purchased individually or in addtion to your annual package subscription.  

q) If I have more questions, who do I contact?

a) We're here ready to answer your questions and we value your feedback on our website.  Please reach out to our Vice President, Wendy Courtright and she will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide direction where needed.  You can reach her through our "Contact Us" tab.

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